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Even in the home, you may have important documents you want to protect. Encryption software keeps you protected and safe from the dangers posed from hackers. For example, perhaps you sent an important office document home with sensitive information that could be a disaster if it fell into the wrong hands. Encryption ensures only your eyes see documents that you're supposed to. In 2015, there were 1,287 data breaches within the United States, and only four percent of those documents were encrypted. Here's some of the best encryption software to keep your important documents safe.


Offering a breath of fresh air to the industry, AxCrypt Premium features some of the most superb and simple settings you can find right now. With many of the encryption tools on the market, you have to buy a license, but AxCrypt does it a little differently where they only charge $3.41 per month, and they charge a total of $27.25 every year. Plenty of the features are actually server-based features. For example, you have CertainSafe Digital Safety Deposit Box, which costs you $9.00. Meanwhile, it stores all your encrypted data with ease. Provided you're willing to forsake some of the more advance features like 128-bit encrypting, you can actually install AxCrypt for free.


Easy and intuitive to use Secure Uses key cryptography Memorable password generator Secure online password storage


Must have local security of PC or it can be risky

Folder Lock

After you have bought it once, you have full entitlement to this program indefinitely. Also, you can run the program 25 times as part of the free trial without having to pay for it, and you get access to all the updates for free. For those familiar with symmetric algorithms of encrypting, the same key will encrypt and decrypt files. With this form of algorithm, however, you have to keep the password a big secret. Only share the password on secure channels.


Protect your files and folders through encrypted lockers Locked files and folders appear invisible Free space shredding File shredding Tons of useful bonus features


Locked files aren't encrypted Product serial number stands in for password by default Secure backup requires a separate subscription

InterCrypto Advanced Encryption Package

This package works great, but the speedy installer may not install desktop icons on your computer. It does have a slight learning curve when it comes to the control, but you can set the parameters and take action as needed. The design tools make it a snap to create astounding user interface, and you can click six buttons near the top when it comes to the interface of this program. For those concerned about keyloggers, you can use the secured virtual keyboard when typing in your password.


Supports PKI Password generator Encrypts text from the clipboard


Outdated user interface Password generator could use improvement

Encrypting documents goes all the way back to World War II. In fact, the Nazis used an encryptor called the Enigma Machine for sensitive military communication. Today, this form of security has grown even more advanced, but the methods hackers use to steal information has also grown in complexity. Unless you have the password, there's no way to decrypt a document, which means the ultimate form of security for you.

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